Contract Resources

Sandstone Solutions Group - Contract Resources

Through our extensive consultant network, built over many years in the industry, we can connect you with seasoned executives to fill critical gaps fast. Their experience allows them to be versatile enough to step in and become part of your management team, or provide specific expertise on a defined project.

For owner-managed businesses, particularly those that are family owned, independent consultants can be a part of a larger succession plan. They can step in and fill roles on an interim basis, allowing for the development of existing staff or family members.

Benefits of using Independent Contractors/Consultants:

We will manage the entire recruitment process including:

  • They can start quickly
  • Are highly qualified
  • Can provide different perspectives, skills and efficiency
  • Deliver consistently and quickly
  • Transfer knowledge to your team
  • Can be assigned a defined project or critical task
  • Provide flexible options to manage employee costs

Our consultants have an average of 20+ years in management roles and they are keen to leverage their skills and experience, add value and truly make a difference.

By giving you access to qualified professionals when you need them, we can help you move forward with your internal initiatives on a timely basis.

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