Our Services

At Sandstone, we can help you will all your talent management needs from bringing people on to helping with outplacement or providing coaching to your team to help them grow as your business needs change.

Executive Search
High level retained searches for C-suite, Board and Leadership roles. Contingency searches for mid to senior level management and other roles.

Interim/Contract and Project Staffing
Temporary staffing solutions to help you bring in specialized expertise, bridge a gap, or execute on a project. Through our network of experienced consultants, we can make sure you get the resource(s) you need when you need them.

Through our partners and affiliates, we are able to provide career coaching and leadership coaching programs to strengthen your team from within or provide support to your former employees when you have to part ways.

Our Process

Our Process Our recruitment process is tailored to your organizations unique needs and ensures that your search is completed in an effective and timely fashion.

  1. Requirements Gathering
    We meet with the client to get as much background on the company and the position as we can get. We also want to get a feel for the organizational culture, the specific demands of the role and any other information that will help us identify the best candidates for the role.
  2. Search Strategy
    Next, we develop a pool of potential candidates through various sources such as: our proprietary database, personal and professional networks, referrals, and social media. Once that has been established, we execute our direct recruitment campaign and establish weekly update calls with our client.
  3. Candidate Selection
    Once candidates have been identified they are brought into our interview process and from there we establish a slate of potential candidates. Once the slate has been determined, resumes and candidate profiles are forwarded to the client and a conference or meeting is arranged to discuss the candidates.
  4. Client Interviews
    Once the leading candidates have been determined with the client, we will arrange finalist interviews. If the client would like to supplement the interview process with psychometric testing or other assessment tools, we can arrange for that testing to be done through our network of associates.
  5. References & Background Checks
    Once the preferred candidates have been determined we initiate reference verification. We specifically seek to communicate with references who can attest as to whether the candidate possesses the required competencies, skill and attributes to do the job. A detailed reference check is provided to the client. We are also able to provide additional background checks (criminal records and credit checks) if required.
  6. Offer Extension
    We review and discuss the Employment Contract with our client. We then communicate a verbal offer to the candidate and address any questions, concerns, clarifications or changes that may arise and bring them to the attention of the client so that they can be dealt with prior to a written offer.
  7. On-boarding and follow up
    Once the successful candidate has commenced employment, we maintain regular follow ups throughout the first year with both our client and the candidate in order to ensure continued alignment between the interests of both parties.

Throughout the process we are always mindful of your reputation as well as ours and will always treat all potential candidates professionally and with respect.