As you may be aware, there is an accelerating momentum around businesses becoming a force for good. Becoming a certified B-Corp is one of the ways that companies are making it known that they want to be a positive force, where profit meets purpose. Today Sandra speaks with Anne Cesak, the Organizational Connection Strategist and Founder of the Continuous Connection System, about how these organizations can increase their chances of being successful in their mission of connecting with their employees and customers in meaningful ways.

Listen in as Anne shares the importance of ensuring your employees feel as though they have a bigger purpose when they come to work, as well as why doing regular check-ins with them is crucial. You’ll learn how to set goals that everyone can get behind, why you need a strategy in your company, and what you can do to connect with your employees.

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“Employees drive the business.”- @annecesak Click To Tweet “It’s important to do surveys, and it’s important to do regular check-ins with employees.”-@annecesak Click To Tweet “People are whole people, and they have lives outside of work.”- @annecesak Click To Tweet

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