Anu Bidani is the CEO of STEM MINDS, a company that focuses on empowering youth to become fearless leaders by developing agility and a love of learning through STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). She believes in creating our future leaders, game-changers, and problem-solvers to build a better, more agile society for future generations. Today Anu joins the show to share the importance of staying aligned with the ever-evolving and ever-changing technology advancements and how she is helping young children prepare for a brighter future.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of consistency when teaching young children and why Anu decided to make her business a certified B Corp. You will learn how STEM is working to diversify the technology industry, the challenges Anu has faced when competing against not-for-profits, and the benefits versus disadvantages of being a for-profit company.

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“I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart, even when I was working in a corporate setting.” - Anu Bidani Click To Tweet “The pace of change in technology is so fast that it is very easy to get disconnected.” - Anu Bidani Click To Tweet “Cash flow is really about timing.”- Anu Bidani Click To Tweet

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