2020 was a crazy year, and it sparked a lot of change in the way we go about our lives and our thoughts on the bigger world from a social and environmental perspective. Responsible investing is gaining more momentum as people aim to “put their money where their values are.” With that in mind, Elyse Crowston joins me today to talk about why impact investing is important to her and why the rest of us need to care.

Elyse is an enthusiastic convenor and connector, a passionate advocate for a sustainable future, and the Director of (Impact) Investor Relations for Rhiza Capital, which is a BC-based B Corp that supports companies aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals while also delivering financial returns for investors. Listen in as she shares not only why impact investing is gaining traction, but also why making a good return and making an impact are not mutually exclusive.

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“You don’t have to make your money in a certain way and then do good with it. These two things can work together.” - Elyse Crowston Click To Tweet “We want to make sure we’re supporting those businesses that we could also be customers of.” - Elyse Crowston Click To Tweet “As the company grows, does the impact grow along with revenue?” - Elyse Crowston Click To Tweet

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