There’s no question that the pandemic has changed our opinions in a lot of different areas, and one area, in particular, is that of the traditional workplace. A lot of us are wondering what will happen when the pandemic is under control and we start thinking about going back to normal. What will “normal” look like in the workplace?

In this episode, I’m diving into the results of some notable surveys that asked employees how the last year of remote work has been for them, sharing some things that organizations are doing to make a hybrid workplace a reality. Listen in to learn what the “new normal” could really look like and why the hybrid workplace is likely here to stay.

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“64% of people said that their productivity has increased since they have been working from home.” - @infoSandstone Click To Tweet “Most employers would be at a disadvantage if they don’t seriously consider if a hybrid model makes sense for them.” - @infoSandstone Click To Tweet “There are a lot of clear benefits to working from home.” - @infoSandstone Click To Tweet

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