No one has ever said creating and running your own company is easy. In many ways, the current beliefs around entrepreneurship are unfathomable compared to previous generations. No one knows this better than Sathish Bala, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Bala Group Inc. In this episode, he shares his advice for anyone looking to follow their passions and start up a business, as well as why it is okay to fail.

Listen in as he explains why you do not have to wait for the perfect moment to make a life-changing decision and the importance of finding a job that you love. Sathish is living proof that anything is possible, and his inspiring story is not one to be missed.

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“Now 'entrepreneur' is a sexy little word, and everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. For me, at age 20, being an entrepreneur was a choice to be unemployed.” - Sathish Bala Click To Tweet “For most of life I have learned by trying things out and being okay to fail.” - Sathish Bala Click To Tweet “At any point in life, you can change your life.” - Sathish Bala Click To Tweet

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