While this podcast is typically focused on purpose driven, for-profit businesses, I am currently working on a project geared toward non-profit organizations, and the concept of purpose is relevant there, as well. I came across an article entitled “The Four Principles of Purpose Driven Board Leadership,” and one of the main questions asked is whether non-profit boards (as they exist today) are equipped to govern the social good organizations for which they are responsible. So in this episode, I will be going over the research I found in relation to this question so we can draw up a conclusion of our own.

Listen in as I explain what a recent study determined most non-profits are currently doing, including focusing on fundraising, lacking racial and ethnic diversity, and being disconnected from the people they are serving. If you are currently serving as a board member on a non-profit board or are leading a non-profit organization, I hope this will spark some conversations to help you and your organizations become more effective and purpose driven.

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“The board focus should be on the desired outcomes and the benefits to the people it serves versus the benefits to the organization as a corporate entity and maintaining the infrastructure—but losing sight of the mission or purpose.” -… Click To Tweet “A broader awareness can lead to better, more creative, sustainable, and impactful decisions.” - @infoSandstone Click To Tweet “Board members need to have perspective as well as skills, and they need to understand their role and place in the ecosystems in which they live and operate.” -@infoSandstone Click To Tweet

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