Our guest today is Renee Devereaux, who serves as Executive Director at EDGE, the impact entrepreneurship hub at Sheridan College. EDGE, in collaboration with partners, provides new and growing ventures with mentorship, learning programs and support to access funding. In this episode, Renee discusses why she sees entrepreneurship as a powerful tool for shaping a more sustainable and prosperous society—and her advice for becoming a more impactful leader.

Listen in as she explains the importance of recognizing the privilege that you have and taking on the responsibility of that. You will learn how much we are shaped by the people around us, how to be more compassionate towards others and how to broaden your viewpoint. Remember: each one of us can make a difference, and if we work together, we can change the world!

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“Part of the journey is believing that you have the capability to be a leader. Believing that you have the capability to say 'Yeah, I am going to change the world with what I am doing,' and really own that.” - @rendev Click To Tweet “Be more compassionate towards other people. I can always see—no matter how frustrated I am feeling—I can always see myself in them.” - @rendev Click To Tweet “There is always more work to be done to make sure the entrepreneur space is inclusive.” -@rendev Click To Tweet

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