Today, I am joined by the founders of SideBiz Studio, an online marketplace that showcases products and services offered by the Canadian Arts community. Kelsey Verzotti and Jacob Sheffield started SideBiz just over a year ago, and in this episode, they share how they are encouraging it to evolve as a marketplace and a business.

Listen in as Kelsey and Jacob give some great insight into how they have navigated the hurdles of growing a new business during a pandemic. You’ll learn how important it was to find balance between making a living and pouring into a passion project and what their plan is for their performing careers, as well as for the growth and evolution of SideBiz.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

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“We are looking for people who are very passionate about what they do and who can offer qualities that help the synergy of the marketplace.” - @Thesidebizstudio Click To Tweet “We’ve learned that the more each vendor puts in, the more the community gets out of it.” - @Thesidebizstudio Click To Tweet “With everything life is throwing at us, I think we’ve been able to make an impact in our community.” - @Thesidebizstudio Click To Tweet

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