Today, you’ll get to hear from the awesome mother-daughter duo Kim Hickman and Katie Thompson, who are the masterminds behind DIOSA Designs Inc. They share their passion for supporting women and how they do just that with thoughtfully designed, multi-functioning backpacks specifically designed to serve women. They also share many of the lessons and insights they have gained through building the business and finding ways to make an impact on a global scale.

Listen in as Kim and Katie discuss what it’s like working together as mother and daughter, as well as what their past work consisted of and how it led to creating DIOSA Designs. You will also hear about how they weave positive impact into many parts of their business and what that has led to for them.

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“When we realized there wasn’t a fashionable and functional backpack design on the market, we said, 'Let’s design it!'” - Katie Thompson Click To Tweet “My mom has such an entrepreneurial spirit. If she sees something out there – a problem that needs to be fixed or a product that isn’t out there – she goes and does it!” - Katie Thompson Click To Tweet “If you’re passionate about something and you believe in it, you can make it work.” - Kim Hickman Click To Tweet

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