October is small business month in Canada, so it’s a great time to recognize the contributions that the Canadian small business sector makes to the overall economy, as well as the local impact they make on their communities. In this episode, I’ll be taking you on a quick dive into the world of small business and how it has been such a pivotal part of Canada’s economy and culture.

Listen in as I discuss the importance of local support in the success of small businesses and the government’s role in supporting business. You will hear about the key highlights and results of a report from Scotia Bank that surveyed over 900 businesses. This report is certainly eye-opening to what businesses have been and are doing to adapt to the new normal, and we can learn a lot about what it takes for a business to survive in this climate.

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“58% of small businesses say that they are doing the same or better than they were before the pandemic.'” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet “The new normal looks digital.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet “According to the World Bank, Canada is the third easiest country in which to start a business.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet

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