How do we create workplaces that people want to be part of? LinkedIn Talent Solutions recently published a report on the Reinvention of Company Culture as part of their 2022 Global Talent Trends series, and in this episode, I’ll go over the three main things impacting company culture. I also cover how we can use this information to create more successful and impactful companies.

Listen in to hear about the impact of flexibility, as well as how the pandemic has made it so much more important (and expected!). I also talk about how businesses can position themselves to attract the best candidates and the connection between well-being, company culture, and retention.

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“As salary demands increase at all levels, companies just can’t keep offering more money—they have to create workplaces that people want to be part of.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet “As a recruiter, I am always asking clients to tell me why someone would want to work for them. What makes them special or different? What’s interesting is not everyone can answer this question—at least not well.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet “Prospective employees don’t really want to hear what consumers and customers think of you—they want to hear what employees think about working there.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet

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