I read a few things recently that raised some interesting questions regarding corporate activism. Increasing numbers of people seem to be showing that they expect CEOs to help shape policy discussions and speak out about controversial issues, so today, I’ll share how things are changing in business and activism.

While some people still hesitate when it comes to overly political stances, many see a more open stance and willingness to discuss social issues as a sign of transparency. Listen in to learn about the growing desire to align with the values of the businesses we support, as well as some of the important distinctions to make when deciding whether to be more vocal as a CEO. 

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“While people seem to want CEOs to shape policy discussions, they do not want them to be explicitly political.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet “More and more people want to support and/or work for companies that align with their values.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet “If you are a CEO, don’t be afraid to get out there and take a stand on big issues. Customers, employees, and investors want to know and will make their own choices based on their values.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet

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