EP #37: Reputational Risk In A Highly Charged World

Reputational Risk In A Highly Charged World

As we witness the trucker convoy happening, the strong views on all sides, and the issues arising over monetary or vocal support, it’s evident that things like this have an effect on reputation. So, in this episode, I’ll discuss how a business or social enterprise can avoid or minimize reputational risk. From assessing the situation […]

EP #01: Social Enterprise: Passion, Skills, and Trust with April Morganti

Welcome to The Make Good Project podcast, the show that explores the people and trends that are shaping the purpose-driven landscape. Each week, your host Sandra D’Souza will interview influencers and leaders in this space who are making a difference in their communities and the world. In this inaugural episode, Sandra speaks with April Morganti, Executive Director at Advanced Gerontological Education […]