As we witness the trucker convoy happening, the strong views on all sides, and the issues arising over monetary or vocal support, it’s evident that things like this have an effect on reputation. So, in this episode, I’ll discuss how a business or social enterprise can avoid or minimize reputational risk. From assessing the situation to putting in place procedures, I’ll share some tips on how to not get caught up in something that could negatively affect your business.

As a business owner or individual, you have the right to support whatever causes you want, but it’s important to weigh the risks involved. Listen in to learn why understanding the possible outcomes is so important, as well as how you can assess risk and vet a cause before adding your support. You’ll also get insight into how to have a plan if things to escalate and get out of hand.

What You’ll Learn In Today’s Episode:

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Because you can’t control everything, you need to have a strategy to deal with issues as they come up. The best approach is always to deal with any issues as quickly as possible and as transparently as possible.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet “Not everyone is going to agree with everything you say or do as a business owner, but you can’t please everyone—and really, you shouldn’t try to, because that doesn’t work either.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet “People are looking to work with and support businesses that share their values and want to make a positive impact. So, put your values out there and hopefully you will attract the type of people you want to work with.” - Sandra D'Souza Click To Tweet

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