Entrepreneurs are starting more and more businesses with some kind of social, environmental, or community purpose, where they can do good in the world while still making money. One of the keys to running a profitable and purpose-driven business is being able to track and manage the money that is coming in. So today, Sandra speaks with Tracey Bissett, Founder of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc. and an expert on financial wealth, about the biggest mistakes companies make in terms of profitability versus cash flow—and how to avoid them.

Listen in as Tracey explains how she helps her clients achieve a new level of financial fitness by increasing their confidence in how they spend (and make) their money. You will learn the benefits of hiring professional help when needed, the key things entrepreneurs should have in place when starting a business, and how to increase your own financial fitness.

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“It's certainly my privilege to take the mystery out of money for so many people.”- @bissettfinfit Click To Tweet “Be kind to yourself if you do happen to make a mistake in the financial side of your business… that’s okay. Move on and keep going on your financial fitness journey. Everybody can improve on something, so don’t beat yourself up!”-@bissettfinfit Click To Tweet “Cash flow is really about timing.”- @bissettfinfit Click To Tweet

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