We often discuss finding purpose within your business, but what about the desire to find purpose in your personal life too? After the year we have had, a lot of people are re-evaluating what is important to them—where they want to reside, the kind of work they pursue, and the people they surround themselves with. So in this episode, I’ll be discussing two articles I recently read that verbalize my own feelings about what I think will change in the coming years.

Listen in as I share the importance of finding a healthy workplace so you feel happy and comfortable going to work every day. You will learn that you have a choice in how you spend your time and the surprisingly positive changes the pandemic has made. Life is short and things can change without any warning, so why do anything that makes you miserable?

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“Life is short and bad stuff can happen out of nowhere, as we have all come to realize. So why waste time doing something that makes you miserable?” - @infoSandstone Click To Tweet “Working a zillion hours a week in a job you hate because you feel stuck and have no choice isn’t going to happen anymore.” - @infoSandstone Click To Tweet “I think the pandemic has allowed people to think a little bigger for themselves and given them permission, in a sense, to take more chances.” -@infoSandstone Click To Tweet

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