EP #41: Transitioning from the Corporate Sector to the Non-Profit Sector

Transitioning from the Corporate Sector to the Non-Profit Sector

For those feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and lacking in purpose, a move into the non-profit sector often seems like a positive shift. I have talked with a few senior people in my network lately who have been considering new opportunities in this sector, and in this episode, I’ll be sharing about that. Regardless of your […]

EP #35: Does “Purpose” Really Matter in Business?

Is purpose-driven capitalism worth it? Will pursuing a purpose for your business beyond profit make a difference? I recently read two interesting articles that argued the opposite sides of these questions, and I wanted to bring that discussion to you today. It’s truly an interesting dilemma when purpose seems to be able to make or […]

EP #19: The Great Resignation/Reinventing Work

We often discuss finding purpose within your business, but what about the desire to find purpose in your personal life too? After the year we have had, a lot of people are re-evaluating what is important to them—where they want to reside, the kind of work they pursue, and the people they surround themselves with. […]

EP #17: Defining Purpose By Creating A Healthy Workplace Culture with Liza Provenzano

Big lofty goals to change the world are admirable, but if you aren’t creating a healthy workplace for your employees, does it even matter? Today we will be discussing how organizations can define purpose by creating a healthy workplace. To share her expertise in this area is Liza Provenzano, founder and principal consultant of SparkHR. […]