EP #44: How to Create a Purpose Driven Organization

How to Create a Purpose Driven Organization

We talk about purpose driven organizations all the time on this podcast, but how can a regular organization transition into a more purpose driven one? And how do you know when you have become a purpose driven organization? In this episode, I’ll be addressing this matter of purpose, becoming more purposeful and even how it […]

EP #43: Employee Retention

Employee Retention

Does your business or organization have what it takes to keep employees around long-term? This is a really important topic to discuss, especially in today’s job market where more and more people are resigning and changing jobs for something that feels “right”. In this episode, I’ll share some key points that will affect your staying […]

EP #42: Should Corporations Be Activists?

I read a few things recently that raised some interesting questions regarding corporate activism. Increasing numbers of people seem to be showing that they expect CEOs to help shape policy discussions and speak out about controversial issues, so today, I’ll share how things are changing in business and activism. While some people still hesitate when […]

EP #41: Transitioning from the Corporate Sector to the Non-Profit Sector

Transitioning from the Corporate Sector to the Non-Profit Sector

For those feeling burnt out, unfulfilled, and lacking in purpose, a move into the non-profit sector often seems like a positive shift. I have talked with a few senior people in my network lately who have been considering new opportunities in this sector, and in this episode, I’ll be sharing about that. Regardless of your […]

EP #40: Reinvention of Company Culture

Reinvention of Company Culture

How do we create workplaces that people want to be part of? LinkedIn Talent Solutions recently published a report on the Reinvention of Company Culture as part of their 2022 Global Talent Trends series, and in this episode, I’ll go over the three main things impacting company culture. I also cover how we can use […]

EP #39: Is That Social Purpose Organization A Scam?

Fraud and misrepresentation are unfortunately common problems in the social purpose space. As we wrap up Fraud Awareness month in Canada, I think it’s important to touch on how to better ensure that companies are actually doing the social or environmental things they claim to do. The popularity of social purpose in business has brought […]

EP #37: Reputational Risk In A Highly Charged World

Reputational Risk In A Highly Charged World

As we witness the trucker convoy happening, the strong views on all sides, and the issues arising over monetary or vocal support, it’s evident that things like this have an effect on reputation. So, in this episode, I’ll discuss how a business or social enterprise can avoid or minimize reputational risk. From assessing the situation […]

EP #36: The Great Resignation (Part 2)

I started a discussion about The Great Resignation back in June, and today I’ll be continuing that conversation with some new updates. If you missed the first one, be sure to go back and check out episode 19 to get the big picture of this issue. This time, I’ll share some more current data with […]

EP #35: Does “Purpose” Really Matter in Business?

Is purpose-driven capitalism worth it? Will pursuing a purpose for your business beyond profit make a difference? I recently read two interesting articles that argued the opposite sides of these questions, and I wanted to bring that discussion to you today. It’s truly an interesting dilemma when purpose seems to be able to make or […]