EP #34: Working With A Recruiter

working with a recruiter

I don’t usually talk much about my day job on this podcast, but given the time of year and some of the discussions I have been having over the last few weeks, I thought it would be worthwhile to do a quick episode on how to work with me—or with recruiters in general—from both the […]

EP #33: Reviewing 2021

Reviewing 2021

A pandemic project took me out of my comfort zone and helped me chase some important goals. That project just so happened to be this podcast! So, in this first episode of the new year, I’m going to review 2021 and the incredible lessons I learned alongside the inspiring and uplifting guests who joined me […]

EP #32: New Year, New Plan

New Year, New Plan

At the end of the year, I usually sit down and start working ahead at creating a new plan for the coming year. Many of us can benefit from a little more discipline, especially after the unpredictability we’ve seen due to the pandemic. So, in this episode, I’ll be sharing what an annual plan consists […]

EP #31: What’s Your Adaptability Quotient?

What’s Your Adaptability Quotient?

How you handle change, uncertainty, and ambiguity has a big effect on your personal life and your business. So, in this episode, I’m breaking down the concept of the Adaptability Quotient (AQ) and how it can help us in all areas of life. Knowing how to determine your AQ—or someone else’s—and being able to develop […]

EP: #30: The First Ever Propelling Purpose Summit in Canada

This is an exciting week because the first ever Propelling Purpose Summit was held in Canada. This summit comes from The Social Purpose Institute and aims to focus in on learning about, growing, and building the social purpose movement in Canadian businesses. I will be sharing some exciting information and details on this new opportunity […]

EP #29: How Financial Literacy Protects Businesses and Drives Purpose

Financial Literacy

November is Financial Literacy Month in Canada! On this podcast, I usually like to highlight business owners who believe business is a force for good and promote the message of profits and purpose, but today’s episode is all about profits. The financial side of business is key to success, so I’m going to give you […]

EP #28: The Impact of Small Businesses in Canada

October is small business month in Canada, so it’s a great time to recognize the contributions that the Canadian small business sector makes to the overall economy, as well as the local impact they make on their communities. In this episode, I’ll be taking you on a quick dive into the world of small business […]

EP #27: DIOSA Designs Inc. with Kim Hickman and Katie Thompson

Today, you’ll get to hear from the awesome mother-daughter duo Kim Hickman and Katie Thompson, who are the masterminds behind DIOSA Designs Inc. They share their passion for supporting women and how they do just that with thoughtfully designed, multi-functioning backpacks specifically designed to serve women. They also share many of the lessons and insights […]

EP #26: The Kids Will Be Alright

As an executive recruiter, I’ve been having a lot of conversations with parents who are worried about their kids and what the job market will look like for them. So, in this episode, I’m going to share my thoughts on the prospects for careers and the job market for Gen Z, including the paths I’ve […]

EP #25: Celebrating and Supporting Black-Owned Businesses with Abygail and Ashleigh Montague

Abygail and Ashleigh Montague are two of the three sisters who founded Blk Owned HAMONT, an open resource to find and support black-owned businesses in the Greater Hamilton, Ontario area. Their mission is to celebrate, showcase, explore, and support black-owned businesses by creating a sustainable and thriving black-owned economy. In this episode, we’re diving into […]